Saturday, October 06, 2007

SoWa Open Market in Boston

This past Sunday I took a walk through Boston's SoWa Open Market, on Harrison Avenue. SoWa stands for South of Washington Street, Boston's hip & happening warehouse district, home of fancy renovated lofts and artist's studios. The open market is a mix of farmer's market, flea market and crafts fair. There I found artisans, artists, bakers, florists, vintage clothing & furniture dealers and designers to name a few. The eclectic mix has a hip edge to it, not at all granny's old church swap meeting. As it was a warm Fall afternoon the place was packed with young couples with baby strollers, gay guys with baby strollers and the usual bargain hunters. The images above illustrate a bit of the day's outing and the variety of different cool vendors there. I'd definitely advice an out-of-towner to stop by for a stroll and experience a bit of SoWa's hip vibe. The market is open from mid May to late October.
For more info go to Sowa Open Market's website.


Sydney said...

I want the spotted fur coat, that is awesome!

Pumpkin Man said...

It was there a few days ago still!!!
Good luck!

Pumpkin Man