Saturday, October 06, 2007

Found on Ebay: Frank Sinatra Paintings

Ebay can be amazing. Occasionally a very broad search in a category like art, followed by a sort from highest price to lowest price, can yield some astonishing results – like this one.
In the early 80's Frank Sinatra needed some restoration work for some of his art collection. He contacted Arthur Beeman, who was an avid painter and the head of the illustration department for the Pasadena Jet Propulsion. Impressed by Beeman's work he asked Beeman to teach him how to improve his painting techniques. As a result of this relationship several pictures were painted by Sinatra and left at the teacher's house. When Mrs. Beeman passed away these paintings were a part of her estate.
This collection entails 12 paintings, nine of them are 12" X 16", two paintings are 16" X 20" and one painting is 14" X 18". There is also a companion notarized letter confirming provenance to this collection. The bidding starts at US$525,000.00 (!) at Ebay and is scheduled to end on October 13.

Clearly, old blue eyes employed the age old “would you like to pose for a painting” line to score with the ladies. Sounds like a dirty old man to me...

Via Blu Dot News Letter


Anonymous said...

Obviously you know nothing about Sinatra. These paintings were not his way of being a dirty old man. Sinatra had any woman he wanted in his time, and these were possibly women he had been with in the past. A mirror into his life in the bedroom perhaps.

Pumpkin Man said...

You got that right! I don't know much about Sinatra and the little I do is that he was a mean bully, rough around the edges and had uncontested Mafia links. He was known to push his way around and surely loved his booze. He had one the best male voices evers but I never got a good vibe from him regardless. Any male celeb of his status can get laid plenty but these paintings are nothing but bad/cool soft porn, with zero artistic qualities.