Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Street Art in Williamsburgh

A few more cool graffiti images I found along Bedford Avenue in Williamsburgh, NY. As I neared the subway station, or "downtown", the quality of the artwork really improved and some really interesting pieces started popping up. The top two are my favorites in the kawaii-department and would make great vinyl figures for the collectible toy-art market. The green gecko was part of a mural on a Mexican restaurant but I thought he was a charmer too.

The first piece of great street art I saw in Williamsburgh was actually the stenciled graffiti piece above. It is posted right outside of the subway exit on Bedford Avenue and I have to say that it strikes me as being quite sophisticated in design and concept. It did remind me right away of the graffiti art that I used to see in Rio de Janeiro in the mid-80's, as this stencil graffiti style was quite popular in the more new-wave artsy set. Love it!

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