Sunday, September 23, 2007

Carlos Tufvesson @ Veja Rio

The new issue of Veja Rio features a small article about Brazilian designer Carlos Tufvesson. He will be showing his new Summer 2008 collection - this coming Wednesday - at The Week nightclub in Rio. This is his first fashion show in the city after a three-year hiatus and 700 hand-picked guests will be feted while previewing his new fashions. There will even be a new drink, specially created for the occasion, named after him by a local liquor company. The presentation will include 14 models - in installation style - showcasing the pop-art spirit of the new collection, that was inspired by street graffiti and artist Roy Lichtestein.
A few days ago I had mentioned, here in Little-Pumpkins, about this upcoming article. The post was about the graffiti mural that had just been done in front of his atelier in Ipanema when I happened to walk by. Told you so!

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