Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ink Inc @ The New York STYLE Times

As the owner and founder of Williamsburg’s Saved Tattoo, Scott Campbell has inked the limbs of Marc Jacobs and Heath Ledger. But recently Campbell has branched out from branding skin to brand development. His consulting firm, Mama-Tried Inc., has created tattoo-like graphics and typography for Volkswagen, Camel, ZZ Top and Nike — not to mention the 200 leather-upholstered chairs tattooed with skulls for Comcast’s horror network, FEARnet.
“A great tattoo is designed so that as the detail fades, you still have a strong, deliberate design,” says Campbell, who relies on a laser-etching machine to ensure that same kind of linearity in his artwork. Campbell has been applying the technology to limited-edition sneakers, skateboards, tabletops, titanium laptops (he’ll do yours for about $200), leather pillows and even perishables.
I simply love this chair above! Great Gothic touch for a contemporary & eclectic home.

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