Monday, September 24, 2007

Ton Hyll's Concert @ Espaço News in Rio

This past Friday evening I went to watch my good friend Ton Hyll's concert at Espaço News at São Conrado Fashion Mall, here in Rio. Being the chameleon he is, there were several costume changes throughout his set, accompanying and illustrating his eclectic musical style. His repertoire is a voyage through many facets of Brazilian music, reissuing old classics with a contemporary finish. Samplings from Britney Spears and Annie Lennox were peppered in, to unexpected and successful results, in a couple of songs. His versions of well known songs by singer Marina and and 70's girl group Frenéticas had the audience singing along with enthusiastic participation. I had a blast and was very glad to be able to be there to support him in his first solo show. His CD comes out soon and I'll let you know about it as well. He will be performing at Espaço News for two more shows on 09/28 and 10/05. Check it out!

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