Monday, September 10, 2007

Fulla - Don't Call Her Muslim Barbie

Princess Halleh also told me about the Fulla Doll, though out since 2003, I had never heard about it before. I thought it would make a good posting, so here it is!
Fulla is the name of an 11 1/2 inch Barbie-like fashion doll marketed to children of Islamic and Middle-Eastern countries as an alternative to the American icon. Fulla is sold in China, North Africa, Egypt and Brazil(!) while few are sold in the US (wonder why?). Although there had been many other dolls in the past that were created with a hijab none of them had ever been as popular as Fulla. She is a role-model to some Muslim people, displaying how most Muslin people would prefer their daughters to dress and behave. Though often compared to Barbie, they actually have more differences than similarities. For instance, while Barbie has a free life and a wide range of jobs, Fulla doesn't have much to do but shop, spend time with her friends, cook, read, and pray. The brand claimed that there will be a doctor and a teacher Fulla in the future, as "these are two respected careers for women that we would like to encourage small girls to follow." Also, Barbie has a boyfriend, but Fulla doesn't and never will.
But do not pity the young Muslim girls! In the Western world we have the anorexic blond-bimbo Barbie (the infidel) to contend with, "helping" girls have a more messed up sense of self and skewed body image.


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