Sunday, September 09, 2007

More Marmoset Monkeys in Rio

When it rains, it pours.. Not too long ago I was complaining that, despite many friends' personal accounts, I had never seen wild monkeys myself within the city of Rio de Janeiro. To me it always sounded like a scene from "Blame it on Rio", where peacocks, parrots and monkeys just prance around wherever you seem to be at. You know - a gringo's image to what a tropical country must be like. I went to Palacio do Catete Park the other day to finally spot a small family of marmoset monkeys feeding there and I posted some images here. So today, Sunday, I was having a late lunch in Jardim Botanico neighborhood when I looked up to witness another "wild life" sighting right in the city. There must have been about 8-10 little monkeys, one at a time, racing across the phone lines to reach a tall tree. They were of different sizes, so I assumed it was a family with babies. They seem to move about the neighborhood using these tall street poles. They were very careful taking turns to speed to their destination and I feared they might get electrocuted but I guess they've done that before. This time I got the chance to make 2 short clips to share with you.

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