Thursday, September 06, 2007

Siouxsie's New Album - Mantaray

High-Priestess of Punk Siouxsie Sioux has a brand new album, Mantaray, coming out on October 02. This is Siouxsie's first solo album though she had participated in many individual projects before, away from The Banshees and The Creatures. Recently she contributed on Basement Jaxx's album Kish Kash, with the title song, as singer and composer. She is considered one of the most influential singers of her era, with an unique singing style and looks to match.
Siouxsie brings back many great memories of the mid 80's when I was dancing to her songs at Crepusculo de Cubatao, in Rio, wrapped in dark clothing and believing I was soooo cool.
You can listen to song samples and get pre-order info at Amazon.
Her new single "Into a Swan" promo video is also here for you:

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Aretha said...

I've always love Siousxie style, she's so mysterious but sexy and rough...anyway, since I so the Face to Face video I was like wow, she can be catwoman