Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kitty Liter @ Japundit

What else can we stamp sickeningly cute variations of Hello Kitty on? Apparently not much else is left, specially after the HK condom hoax that made some people go hurl. Hum, what about some pink HK fire extinguishers? Just in case the cute plush dolls come to a spontaneous combustion. Or a HK Sanrio microwave? Epson HK Laptop maybe? If you've got the bucks maybe a limited edition Fender guitar for a cool US$22,000. For a little less you may opt for the US$4,250- diamond ring or the faboo “Hello Kitty Collection by Kimora Lee Simmons” convertible pendant/brooch, with the over-abundant use of diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones. US$50,000 will get that home. If none of these strike your fancy you may try the new Hello Kitty vibrator..err..massager shown below. No one will suspect what's that really meant for!

Via Japundit

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