Friday, September 07, 2007

Belle Du Jour by Bill Presing

I came across Bill Presing's work by chance while browsing online and it stopped me on my tracks. This amazing artist and illustrator is all I want to be! This is how I wish I could draw! First of all I've been in love with pin-ups as far as I can remember. I've collected several books and memorabilia on Pin-up art, specially stuff from the 50's-60's era. From Bettie Paige to Dita Von Teese, from Vargas to Olivia, the whole glamour of that gone-by slice of time has an enormous appeal to me and I applaud those who keep the flame alive. That "sexualité naive" is sadly gone...but now there is "Belle du Jour" to add more sparkle to our lives! Presing's new book is a hard-cover, all color, 99 page tribute to those sassy girls that I love so much. There is also a special limited-edition that includes an original artwork by Presing. How cool is that?

You can visit his personal blog and also see more of his incredible art work by clicking here. There you can also find all the info on how to purchase "Belle du Jour" directly. US$25.00 (+ shipping)

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