Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cool Shop in Rio - Complexo B

I went in Complexo B last week when killing time in Ipanema for a doctors' appointment. Their shop is located on the second level of Quartier Ipanema, one of the many "galerias" around the neighborhood. I had seen an editorial a while back featuring one of their tees and that was the first time I got around to go check it out. Complexo B is the creation of Beto Neves (the B in the label's name) and has been around since 1994, when they opened their first showroom in Copacabana. This season the label's inspiration is all about the Brazilian sacred icons from Candomble, the spiritual African religion brought here during slavery times. Images of Saint George, killing a dragon atop his white horse , adorn the shop as well as their T-shirts, having become the label's signature motif. Stylized illustrations of deities like preto-velhos, pomba giras, Exu, Iansa and Oxum made really cool (and tasteful) tees as well - I bought 4 myself. Basic tees start at R$55.00 to R$134.00 for the embroidered models. The icons show up on colorful fridge magnets as well. The small unisex shop's decor reflects the season's theme, with an awe-striking wall installation of glossy-white religious icons. The mix of Catholic saints and Candomble gods, is the perfect example of the Brazilian religious melting pot.
Pay them a visit and you probably won't walk out empty handed either! They also own a small outlet shop at Galeria River in Arpoador, known for it's great mark downs.
For address info click here & to visit their virtual shop go here.


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