Sunday, September 30, 2007

Madonna Nominated For Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame

Now, over ten albums later, Goddess Madonna’s been nominated for a slot in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. And she’s hardly the only gay icon:
Madonna, the Beastie Boys, the Dave Clark Five, Leonard Cohen, Afrika Bambaataa, John Mellencamp, the Ventures, Donna Summer and Chic have been nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year.
Five acts will make it into the Hall of Fame in 2008. Madonna and the Beastie Boys are on the ballot on their first year of eligibility; this year’s nominees had to release their first single no later than 1982, the year that Madonna’s “Everybody” and the Beasties’ punk EP Polly Wog Stew came out. The other first-time nominees are Cohen, Bambaataa, Summer and the Ventures.


Aretha said...

Of course, Madonna and Beastie Boys are my favorites

Pumpkin Man said...

My vote goes to Madonna anytime too!!