Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Street Art in Rio - Graffiti in Jardin Botanico

These days I feel that I don't even need to look around too hard to stumble across great graffiti art here in Rio. I keep seeing beautifully colored murals - done with extreme care and attention to detail - at the most random places around town. It could be on the pillars of an overpass or on the fancier walls of the Jockey Club. It could be in the suburbs, downtown or near the bourgeois beach area of Zona Sul. These here were found right across the street from Jardin Botanico. There were way too many to choose from and what determined my final choices were the ones that I would not get run over by a bus trying to photograph them. The sidewalks there are very narrow, leaving no room for frame depth, so I would need to stand a few feet from the curb in the middle of a road in a very heavy traffic area. I will add that people drive VERY fast in Rio and as a pedestrian you should not expect anyone to slow down so you can take some pictures. Unfortunately some art work had already been vandalized by less talented rivals or were prematurely weather worn. The Zebu bull is by the same artist that I showcased here last time and it's always great work. I liked the Pan-American games themed mural as well, with it's charming colorful characters. The megaphone guy is quite fetching with the purple/lavender/sky blue color combo that connects to the sassy little girl's hair curls. She reminds me of the young Tabitha Stephens of Bewitched. Very cute!

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