Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Street Art in Rio - Graffiti in Lagoa

These murals were done around the walls of a private school in the Lagoa neighborhood, in Rio. It's a pity that many other great graffiti there were spoiled by dripping cement from a recent renovation to the school. I picked a few of my favorite ones - that were still in good shape - to share here. I'm very fond of the little kawaii Asian girl character, that can be found in many spots around the city too. Another very cool character, that I often see around, is the one with the grinning teeth and prescription glasses. The Narcissus mural is freaking-genious and really unique. The black & white palette, though minimalist, is very effective here and the Maori tattoo touch is very subtle - and chic. I bet "chic" was not the original intention but that is the feel I get from it. The giant bunny scares me a bit but I do love the drawing style. The Zebu bull is an amazing design and quite life-like too. Enjoy!

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