Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cool Shop in Rio - Alessa

I was in a cab last week, going through Rua Nascimento Silva in Ipanema, when I spotted this really cool place that I wasn't even sure what it was. Maybe an architectural firm or a design studio? I had to find out and went there a couple of days later to check it out. It's belongs to Alessa - a women's clothing label and fashion atelier - by designer Alessandra Migani . Birds of all shapes, sizes and hailing from all continents decorate the facade of their shop and the effect is awe-striking. They are decals that were individually applied to the outside wall, forming a breath-taking collage of pheasants, peacocks, parrots and eagles. Birds were also the inspiration for Alessa's Spring/Summer 2008 collection, featured in many of their new runway pieces.

This is surely one of my favorite shop designs in Rio!

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