Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vanessa da Mata @ Canecão

Brazilian singer Vanessa da Mata is one talented & gorgeous woman. I was at Canecão watching her new concert this Sunday night with my "special friend" A and we had a great time. I only knew three or four of her songs before the concert, stuff I hear on the radio or at Galeria Cafe, here in Rio, but her repertoire was flawless. She is 31 years-old, hails from Mato Grosso and her third album "Sim" has just been released. Besides singing she is also an accomplished composer, having penned hits for singers Maria Bethânia and Ana Carolina. Her hits include "Não Me Deixe Só" and "Ai ai ai..." and I often catch myself humming them endlessly. Her current hit in the Brazilian radios is the gorgeous ballad "Boa Sorte/Good Luck", a beautiful partnership with Ben Harper. The song was actually done over a phonecall, with Ben Harpen in Los Angeles and Vanessa in Brazil. She sang it to him on the phone, and with a translation in hand, he composed the melody. Watch their video below.

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Deemer said...

Good song. She has a great voice.