Monday, September 17, 2007

Nude Barbie Dolls & Girlie Magazines

Just a few weeks ago I had mentioned about the Barbie doll display at "A Cena Muda" vintage magazine stand in Ipanema. As I walked by the other day and had my camera on me, I took some snap shots to share here at Little-Pumpkins. Another interesting detail is that the nude model on the mags on display is Xuxa, a very famous TV personality in Brazil. These publications date from the early 80's when Xuxa was still fairly unknown and mostly famous for being soccer player Pele's girlfriend. Nowadays she's a very successful and influential media person, having built her career as a kid's TV show hostess, and she shuns her shady past. By the way, this display is right on the sidewalk for everyone to see as female nudity is not a big taboo in Brazil.

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