Tuesday, September 04, 2007

7 - O Musical

I had the honor to be invited by my friend Claudio Botelho to the opening night of his new creation, "7 - O Musical", at Teatro João Caetano here in Rio. Claudio is a well respected actor/composer/author in Brazil, and along with professional partner Charles Möeller and musician Ed Motta, brought "7" to life.
The musical is a tale of jealously and unrequited love, using the Grimm Brother's Snow White tale as reference, but seen though the eyes of the evil stepmother. Poisoned apples and magic mirrors are brought to a turn of the century Rio de Janeiro, populated by fortune tellers, prostitutes, witches and whore house madams. This is far from a literal adaptation. The focus here is a dark, Gothic view of the human heart, or lack of it. The play will ask how far would you go to get back what you think is yours. Black magic, deceit, maybe murder?
This original musical was all written, directed and scored by the trio, to a challenging theater world that embraces foreign productions to a much quicker pace. The eclectic cast of 15 brings together sacred names of Brazilian show-business like Zezé Motta, Rogéria, Eliana Pittman and Ida Gomes, to name a few. If in Rio you must check it out!

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I couldn't resist playing paparazzo and snapped a few pictures of the many Brazilian celebs that were there in attendance. Pretty much the whole cast of soap "Paraíso Tropical" was in attendance. Thanks once again Claudio for an unforgettable night!

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